Easing out of lockdown and supporting our communities

Easing out of lockdown and supporting our communities  Although lockdown measures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) are no longer in place in Leeds, there’s still some government restrictions and guidelines on how we now navigate our day-to-day lives. It’s still vital to look after our mental wellbeing and maintain community spirit during this time. Thankfully, here at Space2 we’ve managed to …

Inspiration & Ideas booklet

Inspiration & Ideas booklet  As part of our ‘Life as a Masterpiece’ theme, our creative wellbeing packs included this bespoke art booklet by artist Tony Stephenson, aiming to engage and inspire young people. Take a look at the full digital edition below.

Orion summer activities

Orion summer activities   Check out our timetable of all the great activities that are still going on in and around East Leeds this summer!