Coronavirus update

Since the outbreak of the pandemic over a year ago we unfortunately suspended all of our groups, activities and events with immediate effect from March 2020. We took this decision in order to protect the participants, staff and freelancers we work with and to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Social connectedness is at the heart of all that we do and we’ve managed to keep connected online during the pandemic. It’s been great to see our participants continue to get creative, get inspired and stay connected during this time through Zooms, YouTube and Social Media. It’s kept us going through some uncertain times and gave us something to look forward to.  

We’re delighted that things are looking up and we are re-introducing our face-to-face groups mid-April. We can’t wait to reconnect with participants in our community-led environment and welcome faces old and new back to Space2! We will also be continuing many of our groups online to ensure that we remain as inclusive as possible and support those of us who are still indoors. We know that this is yet another period of transition and we want to ensure everyone still has the support they need during these coming months. 

Our social media is being consistently updated and news about what we are working on and current events within the organisation can be found here.  

With warm wishes, 
The Space2 team