Our Founders


Our Founders 

Emma Tregidden and Dawn Fuller

Ahead of the wave (for Dawn and Emma) 

by Peter Spafford 

We started in a cupboard. In a cupboard

In a school. No lightbulb moment -

Look, we exist!

Just an evolution. Slow.


We’re joined at the hip.

And we’re not. She loves green, I love red.

She likes football!


I go this way, she goes

the other way round but

We get there together.


We get there together

Swimming -

We both love swimming! -

Against the flow. Believing

With a passion

In everything we do. Two women.

Two women.

Love it, seeing that person walk in,

anxious, no idea what will happen,

what this thing, this ‘art’, can do for them.


Something begins, slowly, slow,

they give themselves in to it. We hold the space.

Hold the space gently. The changes it can make

in a life.


I’m a traveller, she’s a home-bird.

She does the written words, I’m the talker.

She’s a morning person!

I get her and she gets me.


And we’ll go on swimming

Creating disturbance

That’s what happens

That’s what happens when you’re

Swimming, swimming

Against the flow

Ahead of the wave.