Slow Seasonal Changes Walk


Slow Seasonal Changes Walk

Tuesdays 10-12

The Slow Seasonal Change Walks started in September 2020 around the beautiful local nature reserve of Killingbeck Meadows.

The name Seasonal Change Walks came from a long term aim that after the lockdowns people would want to get out and walk whatever the weather. The pace of the walks is deliberately slow so people can connect with each other and nature. We identify plants and learn about their medicinal uses from each other.

Participants have started taking a lead in running the group by deciding where to go or what to do. The participants felt that they were nurtured by the nature and wanted to nurture the nature which has led to doing regular litter picks.

The walkers took photographs throughout the year using phones and digital cameras. A selection of the photographs were exhibited in the Old Workshop in December 2021.

To join or more information contact Donna ( or 07734 275130)