Better Together


Better Together

The Better Together project, delivered by the Orion Partnership (Feel Good Factor, Space2, Shantona, Zest Health for Life) and Touchstone offers a collaborative approach, by working with local people to build social capital, reduce health inequalities and support healthier lifestyles across East and North East Leeds - using creativity and the arts as a tool to engage.

These partnerships enable Space2 to support community development by delivering a range of activities such as gardening, physical activity sessions, chat and create groups and one to one sessions.

Better Together showcases each organisation’s most effective projects, engaging with over 7,000 people every year. All of the work supports local people taking part by exploring their current situation using wellbeing wheels, one-to-one social connecting sessions and peer support as part of group work.  The projects range from activity groups such as Threading Tales and Heart to Art to conversation, gardening or walking groups.

Participant outcomes from Space2’s Better Together projects/groups:

In 2018/19 Space2 engaged with 2217 people through 49 community engagement events and activities and 179 new people moved on to group and one-to-one work accessing the 26 projects delivered over the year:

* 96% gained new skills from participating

* 87% experienced improved confidence

* 83% felt more involved with the local community

* 43% became more physically active

* 36% became involved in volunteering

 “This programme facilitates and creates a space for people to explore and connect with other people.  There’s so much joy when you attend these groups – it’s the joining of the dots.    It feels like the start of a journey for many of the participants and it’s great to see them explore the different opportunities.” Emma Goodway, Space2’s Community Programmes Manager

Feedback from Better Together projects:

“Because of this course I am now enrolled at college, I used to stay away from people, everything was an obstacle.”

“It built my confidence, I made some new friends and it motivated me to join the gym. It gave me the confidence to re-enter the workplace.”

 “It is really heartening to do activities with other local people. The more familiar faces you see in the area, the better you feel about living there.”

“A welcoming and safe space for self-expression with no judgement, brilliantly skilled teacher who encourages and explores.”