Research Partnerships

Space2 has a long and interesting track record of research, provoking curiosity and learning alongside other arts organisations; universities and public health and working with academics to analyse the impact of arts on health and wellbeing.  We understand the rigours and ethics of research and bring a fresh perspective with our extensive knowledge and experience of arts, communities and creative processes.

Our participatory arts practice, bringing together a community of artists from professional artists, community members, staff and volunteers has been subject to long term academic observation by Dr Jon Price of University of Leeds.  We now know more about the distinctiveness of our approach and are moving from what we initially called the ‘4 Cs’ … to a genuinely collaborative creative process that gives communities a pivotal role, uncovering untold stories, telling their stories in their own words and bringing representation to stage, page and gallery.

Over the past three years papers about the organisation have been presented at the following conferences by Dr Jon Price:

Exploring New Business Models for Arts and Culture: Global Perspectives on Navigating Business Model Change: Helsinki, Finland, March 2019

Culture, Health & Well-being International Conference, Bristol, June 2017

Participatory Governance in Culture: Exploring Practices, Theories and Policies.DO IT TOGETHER", Rijeka, Croatia, November 2017