CITY Unlocked – 4

CITY Unlocked: 4

City Unlocked is the lockdown 'zine for Leeds - a small piece that's big on information. 

The third edition of the city-wide Unlocked is full of great tips  to get online and make the most of what the internet has to offer. We've got plenty of information on Zoom groups, how to access information to help with digital resources, and even where to get discounted iPads and laptops!

We chat with Dr. Flint, who explains to us the importance of men's physical and mental health, and gives us a little bit of information about the vaccine. We also meet Peter, who attends our Men's groups to tell us how he's getting to grips with keeping in touch online. As always, we also have a competition - a keyboard warrior word puzzle!
As ever, all the current Men's groups are listed along with many crucial services in these times.