Our work during COVID-19

Our work during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like many other organisations, over the last few weeks we’ve had to change how and where we work. However, it's never been more vital to maintain individual support for society’s most vulnerable, mental health support and community cohesion. This aligns with the work of social change organisations.

Although we are unable to run face-to-face classes, we’ve used this as an opportunity for greater flexibility within our services and are looking at new and innovative ways of reaching out to people who most need our support.

We’re continuing to offer exercise tips, easy recipes and mental wellbeing advice online on our social media channels – reaching a following of over 4000 people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We have also adapted some classes; our Yoga teacher Camille Thomas has posted her first YouTube Yoga tutorial, allowing people to work at home in a way that’s friendly and accessible and maintain vital contact with her participants. She will also be running a live Yoga class on Zoom. This ensures further connection with our participants and is hopefully able to contribute to a sense of weekly structure in a chaotic time for schedules. Our social media presence remaining consistent during this time ensures the public are aware that our organisation is still very much up and running.

However, we understand not all participants have digital access, so to combat this challenge, our staff members have and continue to maintain contact via telephone calls with participants, ensuring the relationship and trust with those who frequently benefit from our services is maintained and ensuring that those individuals feel supported and included in a time of great social isolation. This is maintained on a weekly basis. It’s so important during this time that we all maintain contact with each other as much as we are able to and to check up on those around us.

We will also be delivering free packages of art and crafting supplies for our popular Threading Tales and Heart 2 Art groups, as access to such creative resources can be scarce.  Ideas regarding how to support those without digital access is ongoing within the organisation and we would appreciate any input from other community organisations who are dealing with similar issues.

We also know this a precarious time for those in food poverty. Space 2 will be working directly with those in receipt of food provisions and the volunteers who are helping them during this period, enabling us to continue helping the most vulnerable in our local community. Although this is an extremely anxious time, our dedicated team continues to be well connected and innovative in changing and readapting.

Community cohesion, social connection and maintaining the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in our society is absolutely paramount and something the Space 2 team are dedicated to continuing during this time. We hope everyone is able to stay as safe and well as they possibly can.

With very best wishes,
The Space 2 team.