Pop Up Smart Gallery

Andy Campbell

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Pop Up Smart Gallery

We ran Pop up Smart Gallery (Social Museum and Art Gallery) at St Nicholas Primary School and Welbeck Primary School for a week in each school in May and June 2017 with artists in residence Helen Peyton. The Smart Gallery is the brain child of Helen Peyton and is a unique collection of works curated by the public these here created by the children inspired by Gipton Fire Station and stories from ex fire fights. Over 800 children created monoprints and relief prints that were put into the Old Workshop Gallery, Space2, for the Grand Opening of The Old Fire Station in 2017.

IMG_4065 (Large)

IMG_4064 (Large)

IMG_4063 (Large)

IMG_4062 (Large)

IMG_4061 (Large)

FullSizeRender (Large)

Wykbeck Picture Art (Large)

Print Fire GOOD (Large)

IMG_9849 (Large)

IMG_9848 (Large)

IMG_9847 (Large)

IMG_4078 (Large)

IMG_4066 (Large)

Children printing good (Large)

St Nics Drawing (Large)

print Fire Extinguisher (Large)

Print Breaking Glass (Large)

IMG_4077 (Large)

IMG_4076 (Large)