Smart Gallery at Gipton Fire Station

Andy Campbell

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Smart Gallery at Gipton Fire Station

Images from the Smart Gallery – SMART Museum (Social Museum and Art Gallery) run by artists in residence Helen Peyton was in The Old Fire Station for a month in September and October 2017 . After the Smart Gallery closed the stories and artefacts were captured digitally and can be found here

DSCF7416 (Large)

DSCF7414 (Large)

DSCF7405 (Large)

DSCF7401 (Large)

DSCF7371 (Large)

DSCF7364 (Large)

DSCF7358(smaller) (Large)

DSCF7350 (Large)

DSCF7341 (Large)

Poster For Opening (Large)

IMG_9828 (Large)

IMG_9827 (Large)

IMG_9795 (Large)

IMG_2477 (Large)

Glowing Embers SMART gallery story in YEP (Large)

DSCF7422 (Large)

DSCF7421 (Large)

DSCF7420 (Large)

DSCF7418 (Large)

DSCF7417 (Large)

DSCF7393 (Large)

DSCF7377 (Large)

DSCF7363 (Large)

DSCF7362 (Large)

DSCF7360 (Large)

Space2 GE POSTER2 2017 (Large)

DSCF7334 (Large)

IMG_9836 (Large)

IMG_9835 (Large)

IMG_9834 (Large)

IMG_9831 (Large)

IMG_9812 (Large)

IMG_9801 (Large)

IMG_9750 (Large)

DSCF7425 (Large)

DSCF7423 (Large)

DSCF7419 (Large)