Open Minds

Open Minds

Our work with young people across the city, to create mental health anti-stigma campaigns to share with peers, has brought meaningful shifts in attitudes across the City. 

Externally evaluated on behalf of Public Health in Leeds, the finding were overwhelmingly positive. For the audience (young people in schools who interacted with campaign materials) statistically significant improvements were recorded in the following areas:

  • Attitudes and knowledge relating to individuals who experience mental health issues
  • Awareness and usage of the Mind Mate support website
  • Confidence to seek help with mental health and well-being issues
  • The ability to talk about mental health issues
  • Confidence to support others

 “Illustrated the positive effect of student co-production on the feelings of ownership and empowerment of students” Teacher

 “In the past I have experienced depression. It made me not want to leave the house and I felt like I was in a bubble. Being involved in this campaign has helped me to be more open and confident to talk about my own experience. I hope that we can encourage people to talk about their own mental health, because it can really help.” Student