The Unlocked Zines


The Unlocked ‘Zines


With lockdown restrictions having its impact on all of us from March 2020, The Manbassador Project adapted by producing a small magazine which was then distributed by organisations and community hubs across Leeds, distributing food parcels to the more vulnerable in the city.

Many thanks to every one of those 32 hubs that were getting our zine out to their local communities, especially their men within.

5000 copies of each of our 11 editions of the zines were distributed in this way every month, from May 20 to April 21, culminating in the last one (6000 copies) celebrating men’s achievements and art successes across Leeds over the year. (perhaps a pic of the inner of this zine)

With new funding from The National Lottery behind this latest phase of the Project, a new Men’s group was set up that feeds ideas into the magazine. Syretta from Zest is running this new Editors’ Group. The Leeds Unlocked zine will continue to give men information, education and entertainment and take away something positive from the magazine - be that an uplifting story from a local man, group or an opinion leader.

One crucial aspect of the zine are the listings – we list many of the groups and activities for men that take place across Leeds and we highlight a range of services available to men to make positive changes to their lives, such valuable information together in one space.

We have had some of our Manbassadors refer men to our groups via the zine so it really does work!

We look forward to see how this Men’s group will grow and how it will develop its creativity. They will have a focus on helping to produce the zine; getting involved in mental and physical health activities and producing relevant articles about them, taking photos, and coming up with the focus for each edition.

Men’s Health Unlocked Zines

Unlocked 1 – Daily Planner              Lawrence, Alison Gordon

Unlocked 2 – Mind Body Soul          Alison, Councillor Salma Arif

Unlocked 3 – Spud Meal Planning   David Farrar (young Dad), Dr Helen Haywood

Unlocked 4 –Tess & Trace                 Sonny Manbassador, Errol Leeds Dads

Unlocked 5 – Heritage                       Adam Aslam, Quiz/Vouchers

City Unlocked 1 – Connected           Richard Wyatt (Manbassador), Chester (FGF man)          Getting in touch with others

City Unlocked 2 – Xmas                     Jokes & Facts, Linking Leeds Santa

City Unlocked 3 – Cycling                  Ian Pepper, HNY Cartoon re vaccine

City Unlocked 4 – Technology          Dr Rob Flint, Pete Manojlovic (Gp Man)                           Getting Online/IT Equipment

City Unlocked 5 – Food                     Dr Hasantha Jayasinghe (Chtown) Lee Shaw (M@M man)

City Unlocked 6 – Celebration/Art   Abdullah Adekola poem, Stress Bucket, MBs, Men’s Art

Leeds Unlocked 1                               Cost of Living, Cycling

Leeds Unlocked 2                               Confidence, Allotments

Leeds Unlocked 3                   Get Festive, Spotlight on Faith, Powerchair Football, Touchstone

Leeds Unlocked 4                  Get Active, Walking, Playing Sports and Meeting New People.

Leeds Unlocked 5               Northern Man Festival 23: A full week of free, fun and fab activities.

Leeds Unlocked 6                Looking back and looking forward