Clothing Rebellion and People’s Pantry

Evie Godfrey

2021- Now

Clothing Rebellion and People’s Pantry

Clothing Rebellion is our community shop where we sell quality second hand clothes and household items. All items are priced low and the money goes back into the community of East Leeds. It started in January 2021 at The Old Fire Station. Both of these projects have been participant led from the start.

Clothing Rebellion began as a project called Jumbles, where clothes were sorted by size and sold for 20p an item. Jumbles was very popular and in a six-month period clothed over 200 families. Due to rent increase and then the Covid-19 pandemic it had to stop. A group of women who had volunteered at Jumbles wanted to take on more responsibility and develop their skills, so we co-created Clothing Rebellion with them.

People’s Pantry is a food membership scheme for people on low incomes.

People’s pantry originated from a community lunch at Henry Barran. It was open for everyone to join and share a cooked meal. Many of the participants lived alone and wouldn’t often sit down with other people and eat a meal. The community lunch had to stop because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic made us at Space2, more aware of the need for cheap, nourishing food options in our community so People’s Pantry created in January 2021.